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Welcome to Our Blog - Where We Discuss All Things Pressure Washing!

Hi there! Welcome to Kingan Klean's brand new blog: your go-to place for the ins and outs of exterior cleaning. Whether you're a homeowner, landlord or property manager, we want to empower you with the knowledge of how to best care for the exterior of your home and/or property. Let's start with a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How frequently should I clean the exterior of my home?

Our industry recommends that homeowners clean their home's exterior thoroughly at least once every year. However, certain factors may require homeowners to clean their home's exterior - or specific areas like roof, deck or gutters - more frequently.

Will pressure washing damage my home or property?

This is a GREAT question! Our short answer is yes and no, and here’s why:

In the hands of an unskilled or untrained user, it is possible to etch surfaces, such as wood, concrete and siding – causing permanent damage.

Using a professional (licensed and insured) pressure washing service, such as Kingan Klean LLC, allows you to confidently experience the power cleaning that is associated with a pressure washing machine – without the worry of damages to your home. (Hence, we take the pressure out of pressure washing)!

We will only apply high amounts of pressure when specific jobs call for it. Our preference is to pre-treat with our cleaning solution, then use soft washing techniques to safely and thoroughly clean surface areas.

What chemicals do you use, and what will they do?

Our cleaning solutions typically include detergents and surfactants. When applied to surfaces and given time to settle, our cleaning solution breaks down mold, dirt and grime. Subsequently, power washing - or soft washing depending on the surface area and job – will then lift off those stains enabling a deeper, more thorough clean to the surface underneath.

Does it have to be warm and sunny to pressure wash my home?

When we pressure wash a home, things are going to get wet – We mean really wet. There is just no way around that. So, there is no difference to the services we offer regardless of whether we are pressure washing in the sunshine - or in the rain. The ONLY reason we would not pressure wash your home or property is if there were hazardous weather conditions in the area, such as lightning.

Do you have a question? Submit your question(s) to Kingan Klean LLC at

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